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BabyBed™ - Lightweight Baby Cot


“Works very much like the video. Easy to install, fairly secure. Makes mommy's sleeping life easier per the easy access!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Derek T.
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Babies often form a strong attachment to a particular object or person when sleeping, providing them with a sense of comfort and security. As babies grow older, breaking their attachment to sleeping habits can present a challenge. Teaching babies to sleep without being coddled is a necessary process for child development, but can feel like a frustrating and exhausting process.

Introducing the BabyBed™, a baby cot that can be easily fastened to any mattress. The meshed baby cot creates a sense of personal space for infants, encouraging independent sleep patterns and offering safety from potential hazards. The BabyBed™ offers a wonderful opportunity to facilitate independent sleeping for babies while maintaining proximity for reassurance and comfort!



✅ Promotes Sleeping Habits: The BabyBed™ effectively teaches babies how to sleep alone. The bed's walls promote independence, aiding in child development.

✅ Secure Installation: The BabyBed™ is accompanied by steel poles, pipes, and tubes that can be attached to the mattress. This ensures the cot will securely stand upright.

✅ Built-In Mosquito Net: 
The BabyBed™ is constructed with a mosquito net. The mosquito net ensures the baby's sensitive skin remains unharmed by providing effective bug protection.

✅ Lightweight Design: The BabyBed™ is extremely lightweight as it is made with mesh. The bed can easily be assembled and disassembled due to its lightweight and compact design.

✅ Easy Disassembly:
 The BabyBed™ fence can easily be pulled up due to a lock and unlock system. The cot lock can be easily opened with a finger's push to attend to the baby's needs.

✅ Provides Protection: The BabyBed™ is built with four surrounding walls. This verifies the baby's safety and well-being while sleeping nearby.

✅ Safe Material: 
The BabyBed™ is free of formaldehyde, paint, or fluorescent agents. These properties guarantee a safe sleeping environment for the baby.



1. Press the button inwards to unlock after a gentle push forward
2. Lift up the fence  


We understand the challenges involved in transitioning a baby to sleeping independently without being held. The process can be challenging for both you and your baby, given the strong bond between parent and child. According to a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, it was found that babies who co-slept with their parents even after the early stages, face mental health issues by the age of six.

Thankfully, the BabyBed™ offers an excellent solution to provide your baby with their designated sleeping space while sharing the same mattress. This baby cot provides a secure environment for the baby, fostering their early-stage development as well. Elevate your baby's sleeping habits and maintain supervision using the BabyBed™, an effective way to allow individual sleeping while staying secure!



Material: Fabric
Size: 25.59 x 47.24 in
Age Range: 0 - 36 months 



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