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BabyCot™ - Electric Rocking Chair


“Amazing gift from my coworkers! It has saved my soul twice now with my newborn. She slept peacefully safe in my area to allow me to cook as well as take a bath/shower and still keep my eye on her! I love the music that is loaded already and I love the Bluetooth ability to hook up to my phone!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Maloune R.
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Rocking chairs offer a gentle and soothing motion that can calm and comfort babies, making them a popular choice to create a peaceful environment. Nevertheless, not all rocking chairs are designed to meet the specific needs of babies. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to have to manually rock a baby, particularly when they are upset or restless and there are chores to be taken care of.

Introducing the BabyCot™, an electric rocking chair designed to effortlessly soothe a baby's mood at any hour of the day. The BabyCot™ is equipped with a range of features, including a rocking mode, soothing music, sleeping mode, and more, all aimed at providing optimal comfort and reassurance for babies. With the assistance of this electric rocking chair, tasks can be accomplished while keeping the baby content and joyful!



✅ 3-in-1: The BabyCot™ is useful for three main purposes. With three distinct modes - sleeping mode, rocking mode, and child seat mode - the chair effortlessly adapts to different times of the day, catering to varying needs and preferences.

✅ Cushioned Mattress: The BabyCot™ utilizes a soft mattress for the baby’s comfort. The cushioned mattress of the chair provides a comforting embrace, mimicking the feeling of a parent's arm, offering a soothing sleep experience and relieving any discomfort.

✅ Included Remote Control: 
The BabyCot™ includes a remote control. The included remote provides convenient control over various features of the chair, including music selection, swing speed, volume adjustment, mode switching, and timing settings.

✅ Soothing Music Options: The BabyCot™ features multiple inbuilt music options. The chair is equipped with a Bluetooth system that enables seamless connection to your phone, allowing you to play soothing music for added relaxation.

✅ Safety Belt:
 The BabyCot™ comes with a five-point safety belt. The baby can be securely fastened in the cot with the one-click lock system, providing a safe and reliable restraint mechanism.

✅ Mesh Design: The BabyCot™ is made with mosquito nets and removable awnings. This ensures comprehensive protection for the baby's delicate skin while enhancing their comfort during moments of relaxation and sleep.


We empathize with the challenges of having to comfort and hold an upset baby for prolonged durations. Managing various household tasks, errands, or work can be overwhelming when there is a constant need to attend to the baby's requirements as well, causing frustration. According to a report by the Nationwide Children's Hospital, soothing a baby in a rocking chair is considered one of the most effective methods to calm them down.

Thankfully, the BabyCot™ emulates the feeling of being cradled in a person's arms, offering immediate comfort and reassurance to the baby. The electric rocking chair offers multiple adjustable rocking speeds, along with the added benefits of soothing music and cushioning, providing a customizable and comforting experience for the baby. Elevate your baby's rocking experience with the BabyCot™, offering a quick and effective method for relaxation!



Construction Material: Metal
Load: 18 kg
Size: ‎26.38 x 29.93 x 31.89 in



(1) X BabyCot™ - Electric Rocking Chair
(1) X Remote Controller
(1) X Manual


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