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BloomingLamp™ - Magnetic Flower Lamp


“Christmas present for my teen daughter - she is in love with it.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Kim A.
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Incorporating lamps into the household is a wonderful way to elevate the room's visual appeal while simultaneously providing crucial illumination. Yet, not every lamp possesses the allure and aesthetic to truly light and elevate a room. Finding the perfect lamp that exudes the ideal touch of elegance and attractiveness for the household can often feel like an irritating and challenging task.

Introducing the BloomingLamp™, an advanced magnetic rotating globe that emits a warm and elegant light, while exuding a captivating suspended aesthetic. Through magnetic aid, this lamp enables the initial rotation of a transparent globe filled with enchanting flowers, and the touch switch conveniently controls the light. This lamp seamlessly combines technology and elegance for any desired room



✅ Strong Magnetic Quality: The BloomingLamp™ provides a strong magnet. This ensures the flower globe rotates in aerial suspension at a proper pace without falling.

✅ Touch Switch: The BloomingLamp™ involves a touch switch operation. Once the lamp is plugged in, a gentle press-on switch is needed to effortlessly turn the light on or off.

✅ Easy to Use: 
The BloomingLamp™ utilizes magnetic aid to simplify the assembly process. This allows for stable and long-lasting rotation in an instant.

✅ Pleasing Look: The BloomingLamp™ is encompassed with preserved roses and plants and is brushed with silver. This feature adds a fashionable and elegant appearance.


We understand the frustration of experiencing a dull and uninspiring room ambiance. The frustration can mount when you struggle to discover a suitable addition that aligns with your specific preferences. As per findings from The National Library of Medicine, incorporating colors into the environment can profoundly influence the overall mood, either positively or negatively.

Thankfully, the BloomingLamp™ offers an innovative look due to its floral touches and amazing warm lights. By harnessing the power of robust magnets, this flower lamp effortlessly suspends throughout the day and night, while the light can be conveniently utilized whenever necessary. Elevate the visual allure of your room with the captivating BloomingLamp™!



Material: Plastic
Flower: Everlasting
Size: height 9.44 x 5.9 in
Ball Diameter: 5.9 in 



(1) X BloomingLamp™ - Magnetic Flower Lamp 


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