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ColorCount™ - Education Math Toy

“Most number & math toys give you the number but don't help little ones learn what it means. There are pegs next to the number so kids can put the right number of circles on the peg - learning that one is one circle, two means two, etc. Plus my two-year-old grandson loves the "fish" game that is also built in!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amber B.
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Shapes, numbers, colors, and interactive activities naturally captivate children, igniting their curiosity and fostering cognitive development. Nevertheless, not all activities incorporate a blend of these elements, and it can pose a challenge to discover something truly engaging and fulfilling for children. Determining which games not only provide entertainment and captivation but also foster children's creativity and problem-solving abilities can be an exasperating endeavor.

Introducing the ColorCount™, an interactive board game that incorporates a variety of pieces, including shapes, animals, objects, numbers, and magnets. Within this comprehensive board, children can enhance their mathematical skills, discover the magnetic potential through fishing games, and identify real-life objects, buildings, and shapes. The ColorCount™ is an exceptional counting toy that combines numerous entertaining elements, easing the process of learning!



✅ Multiple Games-in-1: The ColorCount™ features multiple games on the board. The board encompasses various engaging activities, such as counting, magnetic fishes, addition and subtraction challenges, and shape and object identification.

✅ Promotes Intellectual Engagement: The ColorCount™ promotes intellectual engagement. The diverse range of activities provided allows children to grasp mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner, fostering their cognitive development.

✅ Increases Social Interaction:
 The ColorCount™ is a collaborative activity for all skill levels. Children can engage with their friends, family, or caretakers to create different scenarios and math problems.

✅ Sturdy Material: The ColorCount™ is constructed with sturdy wooden material. The board features a smooth and resilient wooden surface, ensuring the child's skin is protected from any potential cuts or injuries.


We understand the perplexing challenge of effectively engaging children in essential skills while also meeting their stimulating and developmental requirements. Finding such a toy can be exasperating, especially when children get restless and constantly crave fun and excitement. According to a survey conducted among US parents, it was found that children play with just twenty percent of the toys they possess at home, indicating a lack of engagement.

Thankfully, ColorCount™ provides a versatile learning experience that ignites children's creativity, aids in object recognition, and cultivates their problem-solving skills. This board presents children with valuable opportunities to practice counting up to ten, solve addition and subtraction problems, and play with magnets keeping them entertained for long periods. Enhance your child’s cognitive and social abilities with the ColorCount™!



Material: Wood
Recommend Age: +3 years old
Certification: CE



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