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ContourMaster™ - Precision Profile Gauge


"I've been woodworking for years, and the ContourMaster™ has completely changed the game for me. Its wide design lets me accurately capture every curve and corner of my projects. I can't imagine going back to my old tools!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Martin D.
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In the realm of craftsmanship and construction, precise replication of complex shapes and contours often presents a significant challenge. This lack of precision can lead to frustrating inaccuracies in measurements, especially when dealing with irregular or curved surfaces.  Such challenges can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and inefficient, which in turn impacts the quality of work and overall productivity.

Introducing ContourMaster™, a revolutionary tool designed for precision and ease in contour duplication. This product excels in accurately capturing complex shapes, and simplifying tasks in woodworking, metalworking, and more. The result is a significant enhancement in work quality and efficiency, transforming challenging tasks into manageable and precise operations.



✅ Wider Design: The ContourMaster™ boasts a uniquely wide structure for precise copying of various shapes. This design ensures that even the most complex profiles are captured with ease.

✅ Versatile Applications: Designed for a multitude of environments, the ContourMaster™ is ideal for woodworking, metalwork, and more. Its versatility enhances the quality of work across various fields.

✅ Dual Measurement System:
Featuring both inch and centimeter graduations, the ContourMaster™ caters to a wide range of measuring preferences. This versatility ensures accurate measurements regardless of the unit system used.

 ✅ Easy to Use: The simplicity of the ContourMaster™ allows for quick and effortless contour duplication. This ease of use translates into time-saving and efficient project completion.



1. Press against the object
2. Irregular shape locked by teeth 
3. Copy the winding lines onto paper or the desired surface
4. Carry out


We understand how challenging it can be to accurately replicate intricate shapes and profiles. Imagine the frustration of working on a custom woodworking project, only to find that the measurements are off due to irregular contours. Statistics show that inaccuracies in measurements can lead to significant waste of materials and time in various crafts and industries.

Thankfully, ContourMaster™ transforms the challenging task of contour replication into a seamless experience. With its precise measurements and easy-to-use design, projects become more efficient and error-free. Envision a future of enhanced craftsmanship and reduced material waste, where every cut is as accurate as intended, elevating the quality of work to new heights.




Material: ABS
Size: 258 x 100 x 20 mm
Depth Desirable: 30 mm
Range: 0-10.4 inch



(1) X ContourMaster™ - Precision Profile Gauge


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