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CoreWheel™ - Multifunction Abdominal Exercise Wheel


“I like this AbRoller compared to the other one I have, this one rolls smoother and more comfortably as my elbows get to rest on the padding. It’s the best ab workout ever!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Mike D.
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Engaging in the gym is a widely recognized practice that involves performing workouts to maintain physical fitness and overall well-being. Nevertheless, accessibility to the gym is not always feasible, and finding the time to prioritize fitness amidst household chores and professional commitments can pose a significant challenge. Managing additional tasks can become frustrating, especially when aiming to achieve fitness goals through a consistent exercise routine.

Introducing the CoreWheel™, an effective abdominal exerciser that gives a sweat-burning workout at any time of the day. With a simple act of kneeling and placing the elbows on the elbow pads, the body can facilitate forward and backward rolling movements, generating tension in the abdominal muscles. The CoreWheel™ serves as an ideal exercise tool to achieve well-defined abs and engage in an invigorating sweat-inducing workout from the comfort of the home!



✅ Smart Counting: The CoreWheel™ incorporates technology that tracks how long the exercise is performed. This number is displayed on the timer to show progress.

✅ Built-In Phone Holder: The CoreWheel™ is designed with a phone holder. A phone can be placed on the device when listening to music, watching a show, or taking a call.

✅ Efficient Exercise:
 The CoreWheel™ helps utilize the core. Although the wheel prioritizes the use of the abdomen, other muscles of the body are used as well to efficiently burn fat.

✅ Double-Wheel Design: The CoreWheel™ is designed with a dual-wheel configuration to ensure stability. This feature allows for control when performing the ab exercise.

✅ At Home Use:
 The CoreWheel™ is a perfect exercise for the home. The device offers the flexibility and accessibility to be used at any given time throughout the day.


We recognize the challenges of being in a time crunch with errands and work or not being able to access a gym nearby. The desire to improve physical fitness while simultaneously attending to other responsibilities can present notable challenges. According to the National Institute of Health, inadequate physical activity has been linked to the development of various chronic health issues like heart problems, depression, or obesity.

Thankfully, the CoreWheel™ is the perfect way to prioritize getting your abs in shape while also using leg, arm, and back muscles. Equipped with a built-in timer, the wheel enables you to track progress and includes armrest areas to help with forward and backward movements, assisting you in reaching fitness milestones. Take your workout journey to a new level with the CoreWheel™, offering a dynamic and efficient approach to sculpt and tone your body while enjoying the process!



Size: 17.32 x 10.63 in
Material: ABS, PVC, Rubber



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