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CrawlingCrab™ - LED Musical Crab Toy

“This has been one of our favorite purchases for our little granddaughter. She is just 4 months old and loves watching it run all over the living room! The dogs go crazy with it too!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rita S.
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Crawling and tummy time is crucial for babies' development as they help strengthen their muscles, improve coordination, and promote overall physical and cognitive growth. Nevertheless, babies often evade tummy time due to the muscular effort it demands, resulting in a delay in their crawling and walking milestones. Dealing with a fussy baby and encouraging them to engage in tummy time or crawl for extended durations can be both exhausting and exasperating.

Introducing the CrawlingCrab™, a vibrant and melodic crab that captivates babies by crawling on various surfaces, stimulating their enthusiasm for tummy time and crawling activities. Once the batteries are inserted, the CrawlingCrab™ moves at a moderate speed, effectively captivatingthe baby's attention and diverting it from crying, providing a source of entertainment. With the presence of this dynamic toy, the process of baby development becomes more effortless and enjoyable!



✅ Lively Music and Lights: The CrawlingCrab™ features cheerful music and colorful lights. This encourages babies to engage in tummy time and crawling, making it a captivating toy.

✅ Facilitates Crawling: The CrawlingCrab™ is an attention-grabbing crawler. The toy's allure encourages babies to crawl, chase, or even appreciate it during tummy time.

✅ Functions on Multiple Surfaces: 
The CrawlingCrab™ can move on both carpeted surfaces and hard floors. This allows the toy to navigate without getting stuck on surfaces.

✅ Child Safe: The CrawlingCrab™ is free from any small components. This feature ensures the toy's absolute safety, preventing anything from entering the baby's mouth.



We recognize the challenges involved in facilitating tummy time for your little one. Helping your baby become at ease with utilizing their head, arm, and stomach muscles can present a formidable task, often leading to feelings of frustration, given its crucial role in their overall development. According to the National Institute of Health, tummy time is crucial for developing upper body muscles, and neglecting this practice can adversely impact several developmental milestones.

Thankfully, the CrawlingCrab™ proves to be an incredible tool for facilitating the baby's developmental journey. With its bright appearance and delightful tunes, the CrawlingCrab™ captivates the baby's attention, diverting them from fussiness during tummy time and igniting a sense of curiosity in chasing the crab. Enhance your child's tummy time with the CrawlingCrab™, taking the crawling experience to a whole new level!



Material: Plastic
Recommend Age 3-6y, 6-12y



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