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DriveBaby™ - Infant Rear Display Camera

“I live rural and do lots of nighttime driving, not being able to see my newborn made me anxious. I purchased this camera so I could see him and now I don’t hesitate to drive at night!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chelsi M.
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Driving with babies requires extra attention and caution to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey. Balancing the need for safe driving with the challenge of monitoring the well-being of babies can be a difficult task. The unpredictable nature of babies in the backseat, with their curious mouths and potential for accidents, can create a sense of unease and chaos.

Introducing the DriveBaby™, a rear display camera that monitors infants from the driver’s and passenger seat. Equipped with advanced features like 360-degree rotation and night vision, this high-definition camera offers a comprehensive view of the baby's activities from the front seats. The driving experience feels much more secure with the DriveBaby™!



✅ High Definition Camera: The DriveBaby™ features a high-definition camera. The camera provides clear surveillance for extra protection.

✅ 360 Degree Rotation: The DriveBaby™ camera can be rotated 360 degrees. This adjustment is perfect for achieving the right angle on the baby.

✅ Night Vision: 
The DriveBaby™ functions well in low-dark conditions. The camera provides night vision which allows for a proper view during night driving.

✅ Easy Installation: The DriveBaby™ involves simple installation. The camera can suction to the front windshield for a clear rear view and the TV can be suctioned to any viewable location.



We understand the chaotic experience of driving with your young ones. Ensuring their safety from the front seat can feel like a challenging task considering babies often need to watch in case of any rash decisions they make. In a study conducted by the Johnson&Gilbert Law Offices, researchers analyzed 92 trips and found that in 90 of them, children were involved in distracting or dangerous activities, causing parents to divert their attention from the road for more than 3 minutes.

With the DriveBaby™, you can have peace of mind as it offers comprehensive monitoring with its rear-seat camera, allowing you to view the back seat from both the driver and passenger seats. This camera ensures your focus remains on the road while still providing you with insight into the well-being of your baby in the back seat. Enhance your driving safety with the DriveBaby™ for a smoother and more secure journey!



Screen size: 4.3 in
Product size: 122 x 16 x 90 mm
Input voltage: DC9-32V
Effective pixels: 640*480



(1) X Camera
(1) X Display
(1) X Car Charger
(1) X 5M Video Cable
(1) X Manual


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