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GlamStash Case™ - LED Makeup Bag


“I love love this makeup travel bag. I love the compartments which can be removed. The different light settings and the great craftsmanship.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christina F.
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Having cases for makeup products is essential to maintain organization and ensure that they are neatly arranged and easily accessible. However, fitting all makeup bottles, brushes, and skin care products is a challenging task. It can be frustrating when wanting to travel with makeup products but struggling to find suitable bags that can both safeguard them and accommodate their size.

Introducing the GlamStash Case™, a large storage case to facilitate makeup organization and traveling. With its abundant compartments, this case offers ample storage space for makeup and skincare products, while also featuring an LED mirror to assist in the application process. Simplifying both travel and makeup organization, this makeup case ensures effortless convenience!


✅ Portable Design: The GlamStash Case™ is designed effortlessly to be traveled with. With its compact design resembling a miniature suitcase, this case offers convenient portability or can be effortlessly stowed inside a larger suitcase for travel purposes.
✅ Large Storage Capacity: The GlamStash Case™ offers an immense amount of storage space. Featuring several storage compartments, the case also boasts a side pouch adjacent to the LED mirror, providing additional space for conveniently storing makeup brushes.

✅ LED Mirror:
 The GlamStash Case™ is constructed with an attached LED mirror. To facilitate precise makeup application, the mirror is equipped with three illuminating options that emit bright light.

✅ Easy USB Charging: The GlamStash Case™ utilizes a USB charging system. After being fully charged, the mirror light can be utilized multiple times, catering to various occasions and needs.


We understand the challenges associated with efficiently and safely packing your makeup items. Dealing with makeup spills, particularly during air travel or due to unreliable makeup bags can be a frustrating task to clean up. As per the National Institute of Health, the elevated air pressure inside airplanes can increase the risk of breakage in products if not properly covered.

Thankfully, the GlamStash Case™ provides proper coverage to help avoid any spillage or breakage in any travel scenario. With its spacious design, this case is ideal for effortlessly carrying all your brushes, bottles, powders, and glosses with the addition of a rechargeable mirror to facilitate the makeup process. Enhance your beauty routine with the GlamStash Case™, ensuring a flawless and stunning result!



Product Size:14.96 x 10.62 x 4.72 in 
Power Supply Mode: USB charging
Material: PU
Battery Capacity: 2000mHA



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