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Grill360™ - Stainless Steel Grilling Roller

“These grill baskets are just what we needed for grilling vegetables. We love to grill asparagus but had trouble getting them cooked without burning. This makes it easier to turn and keep the cooking more even. “

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Mike P.
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Grilling is a delightful and pleasurable experience on a summer day as it offers the joy of savoring deliciously grilled meats and food. Nevertheless, the act of grilling can be a demanding and potentially hazardous undertaking. The desire to relish perfectly grilled meats and vegetables, while avoiding the inconvenience of accidental burning or messy outcomes, can feel quite exasperating.

Introducing the Grill360™, a stainless steel grill basket designed to assist in achieving even cooking of meats and vegetables during barbecuing sessions. Designed in a cylindrical shape, this basket enables effortless rotation on the grill, allowing you to easily maneuver it using a fork or tongs. Barbecuing becomes effortless with the Grill360™, making it a breeze to enjoy your grilling sessions!



✅ Amazing Material: The Grill360™ is constructed from food-grade stainless steel. The steel is completely durable as it is resistant to wear and tear, decreases chemical exposure, and prevents bacteria growth.

✅ Convenient Grilling: The Grill360™ involves a simple process. Simply open the top and place a choice of meats or vegetables, close the top, and begin grilling by using a tong or fork to rotate the basket.

✅ 360 Degree Rotation:
 The Grill360™ allows for 360 degrees of rotation due to its cylinder structure. By using a tong or fork, the grill basket can be rotated to cook all sides of the food, ensuring an even cook.

✅ Burn Prevention: The Grill360™ assists in avoiding food and hand burns by providing a protective measure. The basket allows for even cooking of the food and also helps avoid contact with the actual grill for burn prevention.



We understand the challenges associated with grilling, including uneven cooking, flare-ups, sticky residues, and temperature management. Experiencing the pain and frustration of burnt meat or vegetables, as well as the potential risk of burning your hands, can be both distressing and bothersome. As reported by the National Fire Protection Association, from 2017-2021, an average of 22,155 patients went to the emergency room due to grilling accidents.

Thankfully, the Grill360™ is a great way to cook food on the grill without burning yourself in the process. Featuring an intelligently designed cylindrical basket with a net pattern, the Grill360™ enables efficient heat distribution, ensuring even cooking, while enhancing safety and providing a cleaner grilling experience. Elevate your grilling journey with the Grill360™ and indulge in the finest grilled food you've ever savored!



Size: 8.26 x 3.54 in
Weight: 165g
Material: Stainless steel



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