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JumpMaster™ - Automatic Skipping Rope Machine


“It's easy to use and good for exercise.“

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Turi G.
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Blending the realms of pleasure and physical fitness, jump rope emerges as an extraordinary exercise that can be shared and relished with companions. Nonetheless, employing a skipping rope can pose hazards as it may inadvertently strike the surroundings or the body. Jumping rope within the confines of a household can present challenges, leading to frustration and the inconvenience of constantly needing to venture outside for this enjoyable activity.

Introducing the JumpMaster™, an innovative electric jump rope machine specifically engineered to enhance the ease and accessibility of skipping rope. Equipped with a secure rope attachment and a convenient remote for adjusting speed, this device enables effortless initiation of the jumping motion through its 360-degree rotation. The JumpMaster™ is the best way to skip rope in the comfort of the home or with friends and family!



✅ Remote Control Adjustment: The JumpMaster™ includes ten-speed adjustments. Using the given remote control, the speed can be changed to personal preference.

✅ Portable Design: The JumpMaster™ is lightweight and compact. This allows for easy travel so the jumping can be done anywhere at any time.

✅ High Quality: 
The JumpMaster™ is constructed with high-quality PC plastic. This device offers excellent stability ensuring it remains stationary during the exercise.

✅ Innovative Design: The JumpMaster™ is designed to be easy to install. Once the rope is secured, the speed can be adjusted to the desire for free movement and convenience.


We understand the annoyance of wanting to jump rope for an effective and fun exercise in the comfort of your home. Yearning to relish the benefits of this exercise, but enduring the discomfort of jump rope lashes or desiring the convenience of indoor enjoyment instead of venturing outdoors can be exasperating. As reported by The National Institute of Health, in-home exercise equipment-related injuries, jump ropes account for 26 percent of them.

Thankfully, the JumpMaster™ is intelligently designed to minimize space requirements and eliminate the risk of injuries during its use. With the aid of a remote control, this skip roping device allows you to effortlessly adjust the speed to your desired level of preference, ensuring maximum indoor enjoyment. Elevate your skipping rope routine with the JumpMaster™, offering an enjoyable and interactive experience wherever and whenever you desire!



Material: ABS
Rope length: 27.56 in
Remote Adjust: 1-10 Speed
Weight: 1kg



(1) X JumpMaster™ - Automatic Skipping Rope Machine
(2) X Rope
(1) X Type C Charger
(1) X Remote Control
(1) X Manual 


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