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MigraineRelief™ - Migraine Relief Sleep Aid

“I was having 21-25 migraines a month, I tried this device out of desperation and it has worked for me…In three months I have only experienced three migraines. Miraculous for me!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ellen P.
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Migraines can be a common occurrence during the experience of excessive workloads or high levels of stress. Managing the frequency of these migraines can pose challenges, particularly when work is essential and topical remedies prove less effective. Having these consistent migraines are a painful experience and can be a setback from carrying on other daily tasks or from sleeping properly.

Introducing the MigraineRelief™, a migraine and sleep instrument meant to reduce pain and improve sleep patterns. When attached to the forehead, the use of TENS and bioelectric technology for physiotherapy and electrical stimulation helps relieve pressure, leading to proper rest. With MigraineRelief™, navigating through the day and achieving better sleep is much easier!



✅ Innovative Technology: The MigraineRelief™ utilizes TENS and bioelectric technology. This provides a physiotherapy treatment to help relieve pain faster.

✅ Instant Relief: The MigraineRelief™ relieves pain within fifteen minutes of use. The nerves become relaxed and drowsiness is increased for a night of better sleep.

✅ Adjustable Frequency: 
The MigraineRelief™ features negative and positive sign buttons for frequency changes. The frequency can be adjusted based on the severity of the migraine.

✅ USB Charging: The MigraineRelief™ can be charged with a USB charger. One charge is enough for a couple of effective uses.



1. Remove the gel patch, without touching the protective film on the machine, and stick it on both sides of the sleeping apparatus.
2. Install the extra sleeve on the sleep support, and you can use it. 


We understand the frustration of experiencing distressing migraines at various points during the day. The sensation can be constraining, particularly when faced with work demands, having prolonged periods of irregular sleep patterns, or dealing with multiple tasks a day. According to a comprehensive survey conducted in the United States, migraines have impacted more than ten percent of the adult population.

Thankfully, the MigraineRelief™ offers an uncomplicated and efficient remedy that can be applied to the forehead to alleviate pressure. This lightweight device can be effortlessly affixed to provide brain stimulation and physiotherapy and can be utilized multiple times throughout the day in 15-minute sessions, resulting in a noticeable reduction in daily migraine occurrences. Enhance your daily experience with the MigraineRelief™, a straightforward method to unwind the mind!



Material: ABS & TPR
Weight: 250g



(1) X MigraineRelief™ - Migraine Relief Sleep Aid
(1) X Sticky Tube
(2) X Sticky Paste
(1) X USB Cable
(1) X Auxiliary Cover
(1) X Manual


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