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PortableBreeze™ - Wireless Portable Fan

“Works perfect in this 100-degree heat if I have to run errands with baby, would recommend 100%”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Melissa T. 
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Camping, hiking, and fishing are enjoyable outdoor activities that can be even more fun when the weather is warm and sunny. However, on days with minimal airflow, the lack of breeze can leave the body feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. It can be frustrating to try to enjoy the outdoors without cool air, particularly on humid and sticky days.

Introducing the PortableBreeze™, a lightweight and rechargeable electric fan that provides an amazing breeze on hot days. The fan offers three adjustable wind speeds and a ring light for the night, along with a portable bag for effortless transportation. With the assistance of the PortableBreeze™, sunny and humid days become more bearable during outdoor activities!



✅ Portable Design: The PortableBreeze™ features a bag to be traveled in. This electric fan can be easily folded and unfolded to meet personal preferences.

✅ Multiple Wind Speeds: The PortableBreeze™ includes three wind speeds. This fan offers 27 hours of one-gear wind, 13 hours of two-gear wind, and 8 hours of three-gear wind.

✅ Ring Light:
 The PortableBreeze™ is constructed with a ring light. This ring light is great for the nighttime to provide vision in the outdoors.

✅ Versatile Use: The PortableBreeze™ holds multiple purposes. The fan can be attached to the provided tri-stand or mounted to a tent ceiling using the accompanied latch.

✅ High Capacity Battery:
 The PortableBreeze™ runs on a 10000mAH battery. The fan includes a cable for convenient charging options such as in the car, on a laptop, or with a power bank.



We understand the frustration of facing hot days without the natural relief of a cooling breeze. Camping in hot weather can often diminish the overall experience as the heat can drain your energy and detract from the enjoyment of outdoor activities. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 67,512 emergency department visits due to heat exhaustion.

Thankfully, the PortableBreeze™ offers a convenient solution to keep your body cool and refreshed. The PortableBreeze™ is a portable electric fan that comes with a convenient carrying bag and can be easily unfolded to stand and deliver refreshing cool air. Enhance your outdoor adventure with the PortableBreeze™, the ultimate companion for sunny days, ensuring a refreshing experience!



Power (W): 10W
Battery Life: about 27 hours for 1st gear, 13 hours for 2nd gear, 8 hours for 3rd gear
Charging Time: about 4.5 hours



(1) X PortableBreeze™ - Wireless Portable Fan
(1) X Tripod
(1) X Hook
(1) X Bag
(1) X Type-C Cable


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