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TrimTech™ - Women’s Electric Hair Remover


“This shaver is so easy to use. Great for stray hairs that will show with your dress or bathing suit. Easy to charge and painless hair removal. Once done, you pop off the top and use the included little brush to get the hairs out of the inner workings.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Tara A.
✅ Verified Buyer


Wearing dresses, t-shirts, or capris can expose the hair on the body, bringing it into visible prominence. Nevertheless, the process of removing hair can be time-consuming, exhausting, and occasionally uncomfortable. Having hair on the body without the ability to effectively remove it can feel frustrating and can negatively impact confidence levels.

Introducing the TrimTech™, a hair trimmer designed to achieve a clean shave on any desired body part, thanks to its five sleek shaving heads. With the utilization of multiple shaving heads and an innovative dual knife net design, the TrimTech™ effectively and cleanly removes unwanted body hair. This hair remover provides a painless trimming experience, ensuring a comfortable and swift shaving process!



✅ Five Cutter Head: The TrimTech™ features five cutting heads. These heads help reach all areas of the body part being razored for an effective shave.

✅ Intelligent Anti-Pinch: The TrimTech™ is highly delicate and gentle on the skin. The cutter heads provide a safe experience with no pinching, being a reliable alternative to traditional razors.

✅ Dual Loop Knife Net: 
The TrimTech™ is constructed with a dual-loop knife net. This feature expands the contact area by 50 percent, resulting in a closely shaved area.

✅ Portable Design: The TrimTech™ is designed to be lightweight and compact. For added convenience, the razor can be carried during travel by storing it in a bag.

✅ Waterproof Qualities:
 The TrimTech™ is completely waterproof. The shaving head remains undamaged even when exposed to water.

✅ Rapid Charging: The TrimTech™ has an instant charging system. In just five hours, the shaver becomes fully charged and ready to provide multiple days of usage.

✅ Charging Display: 
The TrimTech™ comes with a charging display. The charging display indicates the razor's status, with a green light or red light for signification.



We understand the frustration of experiencing prickly hair on the body, which can restrict your clothing choices. Desiring to wear a dress to a party or beach event while having hair can lead to feelings of unease and diminished confidence due to a lack of smoothness. The majority of women go through the tiring process of shaving 1-2 times a week, or sometimes every day due to the desire of having smooth skin.

Thankfully, the TrimTech™ offers the ultimate solution for quick and effortless hair removal on various areas of your body, including the face, legs, arms, bikini line, and more. By employing a robust motor and incorporating five smooth heads, this device ensures a painless and gentle trimming experience that is highly efficient, resulting in delicate and soft skin. Enhance your shaving experience with the TrimTech™ for a sleek and smooth appearance in any outfit!



Material: Metal + ABS
Size: 90 x 60 x 55 mm
Charging Time: 5h
Usage Time: 65 mins



(1) X TrimTech™ - Women’s Electric Hair Remover
(1) X Protective Head Cover
(1) X Clean Brush
(1) X USB Cable
(1) X Charging Plug
(1) X Manual 


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