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WineMate™ - Electric Cork Opener

“Bought this for my grandmother as a gift as she loves her wine. Battery life is good and she loves it so I would say it's a win!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ashley M.
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Wine is a widely cherished and popular alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed across the globe. However, opening a wine bottle can be challenging, often requiring strength, precision, and the use of specific tools such as a corkscrew to remove the seal. The process of opening a wine bottle can feel frustrating and energy-consuming, especially when wanting to savor the drink.

Introducing the WineMate™, an electric cork opener that removes the tightly sealed cork from any wine bottle. The foil cutter effortlessly removes the top foil from the bottle, while the wine opening device allows for the straightforward release of the cork with a simple push of a button. With the aid of this device, getting to pour this cherished beverage becomes an effortless task!



✅ Rapid Opening: The WineMate™ can swiftly uncork wine bottles. Once the device is placed on top of the bottle, the cork is removed in less than seven seconds.

✅ Two-Step System: The WineMate™ involves two simple steps to open the drink. After using the foil remover to twist out the foil, the button on the device can pull the cork out.

✅ Long Lasting: 
The WineMate™ is long-lasting and utilizes USB charging. The battery life allows the device to open eighty bottles until a charge is needed.

✅ Included Foil Cutter: The WineMate™ comes with an included foil cutter. This ring-like device can be placed on the tip of the bottle and twisted to access the cork.



1. Remove the foil seal
2. Place the opener vertically 
3. Press the "Down" button until the cork is pulled out
4. Press "Up" button until the cork is released 


We understand the annoyance of having to pull open a cork from a wine bottle, especially in haste. The process can take away from wanting to enjoy your favorite beverage in an instant. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opening the cork from a wine bottle accounts for 3.3% of eye injuries in the United States.

Thankfully, the WineMate™ ensures a safe wine opening process without any risk of injuries. Effortlessly extracting the cork, this electric device smoothly releases it in a controlled and gradual motion and comes with a charging system for long-lasting use. Upgrade your wine-drinking experience with the WineMate™, offering a faster and more delightful way to enjoy your favorite drink!




Material: ABS
Size: 8,46 x 1.88 in
Power: 5W
Rated Voltage: 6V



(1) X WineMate™ - Electric Cork Opener
(1) X Foil Cutter 
(1) X Wine Pourer
(1) X Vacuum Wine Stopper
(1) X USB Cable
(1) X Storage Base 


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